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Term And Conditions:

The term & conditions are designed in a detailed format so as to give and inform our clients about the rules & regulations of the Net Hub Digital Marketing Agency. We encourage our customers to go through the terms and conditions page thoroughly so that they are well informed of the disclaimer and are well known if any changes or updates are done. The following page outlines detailed policies about our company.

The operation of our website:

It must be known that this website can only be used for printing or reference purpose. Copying or misusing the data is strongly prohibited. The copyrights are solely owned by Net Hub Digital Marketing Company. Any materials must not be published online or offline without our authority. We give no warranties if the usage of the website is done out of consent. Hence this must be handled at your own risk.

Visitor Regulations:

With rights to the content of Net Hub Digital Marketing Company, anything posted or written outside our permission will totally be regarded as non- proprietary and non-confidential. Visitors are said not so post, send or usage any material of this website in an illicit and non-appropriate manner such as posting pornographic material, obscene pictures or content which can cause aggravation and gives rise to a criminal code of conduct. Visitors are requested to respect the privacy policy of the company.

Site Enterprise:

We at Net Hub make sure that this site is available 24/7 to our visitors. However, sometimes due to technical errors website may encounter blockages or failures to load. We do not hold any liability if this website is unavailable at any point of time

We include the following acknowledgements from each party, customer and Provider which are agreed as follows:

  • The Visitor agrees that the terms and conditions are read and understood and thereby agreed while assessing the website
  • When there is an updated version, this shall be included in the separate section as revised Terms & Conditions
  • This site is deliberately designed for users who are at least 18 years old. Without parental permission this shite must not be accessed if you are under the age of 18.
  • You are solely responsible if you use, post or transfer any data which harms the reputation of the company.
  • While using this site you must comply with all the terms & conditions Policy.

Adequate Use:

As a user/visitor you agree not to implement on the following:

  • Use this site to sell any good or services
  • Engage in any activity that is regarded as unauthorized
  • Advertising of this website
  • Misleading of this website or accomplishing frauds about our company.
  • Making any kind of improper use of this website
  • Changing or disabling content that harms the company’s reputation and enforce limitations
  • Abuse and misconduct of this website in not acceptable
  • Any kind of false information related to this website is not allowed as this may encourage a criminal offence
  • The use of the website should not be made in order to harm, harass, threaten or abuse anyone

The Services:

The services will be provided to you in each term after analyzing and studying the required data of your company’s brand or service. These services are therefore provided after through evaluation. The services are then studied and delivered as per the requirements. All the data is therefore kept confidential. Every information shared will be between us and the client solely.

The Cancellation of Services:

In terms of cancellation of your services, clients/customers must give a notice in advance prior 30 days in order to cancel the receipt. It is important that notice is given in the good amount of time.

Our Liability:

Net Hub Digital Marketing Company is not Liable in any kind of damage, misuse of fraud, cordiality of business, profits. Net hub is also not responsible for any kind of unauthorized access or for any personal and financial information reserved on our website.

This agreement is not held accountable for:

  • Death or any injury
  • Fraud
  • Any sort of other Liability


In the event of either party becoming bankrupt, the either party has the right to terminate the contract on an immediate basis with no incurred liability.

Please note that information provided on this site are only for reference/private and domestic purposes. This site is not intended to use for commercial or business purposes.

General Terms:

  • The terms and conditions mentioned in this following agreement is hereby agreed by the customer and the company
  • You here by agree to any transaction, contracts, orders, and other documents published on this site
  • We are not responsible for any loss or damage which occurs beyond our rational control.
  • If you may wish to terminate the contract, you may do this by sending a notice or by contacting us
  • Fake accounts are prohibited to create. And if by any chance the company terminates your services, you are not permitted to create a new account as this may act as a third party.
  • We are responsible to remove or change any content on this site.

Safety Guards:

  • At Net Hub, all the information of our customer’s is kept confidential. We assure our clients to give utmost security in every aspect. Protection of our customer’s is our priority. We do not disclose, or sell any sort of information.